As a music maker, you could easily spend entire days in the studio without raising your heartbeat once. Exercising could potentially be the last thing you think of when being in the midst of a production flow. Add to that an unpredictable schedule that makes it quite hard to commit to gym classes. But remember, exercise impacts your mind and body, which in the long run could improve your work, and doing something is better than doing nothing. So, is there any way you could combine a busy day in the studio with some simple exercising? Yes, there is.

Watch the video above to learn more or click here to watch the full interview with Dr. Joseph Firth.

Exercise expert: Dr. Joseph Firth

PhD In Medicine

Dr. Joseph Firth completed his PhD at the University of Manchester (UK), examining the benefits of physical exercise as a treatment for young people with psychosis. Since, he has published extensively in leading medical journals, on the clinical use of exercise and nutritional interventions for improving both physical and mental health outcomes in people with psychiatric conditions. His work has been featured on BBC One, Huffington Post, Fox News, and Daily Mail.

Dr. Firth’s ongoing projects focus on developing and evaluating pragmatic and feasible programs aimed at helping young people with mental health problems to engage in regular exercise and to adopt healthy lifestyles.

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