The music industry is a late-night industry, with an inconsistent and unpredictable schedule. Gigs starting at 11 pm aren’t uncommon, and you might have a 9-5 job besides your music career, which forces you to create music late in the evenings. Unfortunately, these are factors that are often outside of your control. So, is it time to accept that you’ll never have a good night’s sleep again? Well, actually no.

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Sleep expert: Daniel “Dan” Gartenberg

PhD in Applied Cognition & CEO of Sonic Sleep Coach

Dan Gartenberg is an Adjunct Assistant Professor at Penn State University and the founder of Sonic Sleep Coach, an app that aims to help its users to get more sleep. He’s an entrepreneur who has spent more than 10 years developing apps that track sleep quality and play sounds that can help us sleep better.

Gartenberg is currently conducting grant-funded research from the National Science Foundation, and the National Institute of Aging. The purpose is to innovate and develop sound environments that can treat sleep disorders, improve sleep quality, and optimize daytime alertness.

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